Monday, August 29, 2011

September PSLE Science Intensive Revision


Course Description:

This is a 20-hour course that will help to prepare the students for the coming PSLE exams. The course will comprise of the following components:

1. Daily mock exam practice:

Students will get to sit through a full paper (Booklet A and B) and trained to manage their time and work under exam-like condition on a daily basis. Booklet A will be marked and graded immediately and detailed feedback will be provided, together with an extension set booklet. The extension booklet will comprise of follow-up questions, key concepts and notes on selected key questions from Booklet A.

Booklet B will be marked and graded by the instructor and returned on the following day. In-depth discussion will be conducted and feedback will focus on answering techniques and identification of key concepts. All notes and answering techniques highlighted during the discussions will be provided for the pupils at the end of each session.

2. HOT Talk:
Every session will begin with a component called HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Talk. This is essentially a discussion-based component where students will be exposed to selected challenging questions that requires novel application of concepts. Ability to think out of the box and tackle the challenging questions will certainly place the students a cut above the rest and enhance their chances of aceing the science paper!

Date: 5 September -- 10 September 2011 (6 sessions)
Time: 2.00 pm -- 5.30pm (3.5 hr)
Fees: $600 nett


We understand that your child needs to work on other subjects as well and may not be able to commit to a full 6-session workshop. Hence, You may choose to sign up for fewer sessions. A minimum of 3 sessions is required to qualify for the flexi-Workshop package.

Date: 5 Sept -- 7 Sept
Time: 2.00pm -- 5.30pm
Fees: $300 nett

Date: 8 Sept -- 10 Sept
Time: 2.00pm -- 5.30pm
Fees: $300 nett

Registration closes on: 3 September 2011.

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